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What Causes Imbalance in the Body?

Disease of any kind whether physical or mental indicates some imbalance inside us. This imbalance is imbalance in the energy body. When the body and mind are functioning in a healthy manner, energy or prana is flowing freely and uniformly everywhere. There is no blockage, congestion or depletion of prana anywhere. Hence there is no disease.

However, when the body and mind are being misued, functioning unhealthy, abnormally or are overexerted, energy flow becomes imbalanced, i.e. energy becomes blocked and congested at one place, depleted at another place leading to some kind of disease in the body.


healing through Reiki by Er.M.K. Gupta

Common causes of Body Imbalances, through time if not checked will lead to negative health consequences.

Lifestyle Changes

- sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical mobility or irregular physical activity.

Activities includes but not limited to:

- long periods of watching television

- playing video games and computer and cellphone usage.

- long periods of reading, sitting which may strain the eyes and the back.

Screen time is the amount of time a person spends watching a screen such as a television, computer monitor, or mobile device. Excessive screen time is linked to negative health consequences.

Everyday Life Stressors

- Meeting deadlines at work or at school

- Driving or commuting to traffic

- Paying bills or inability to pay bills/ mortgage, rent on time

- Living/ residing with people you are not in good terms with.

- Work pressures

- Peer pressures

- unavoidable arguments in school, home and workplace.

- Inability to fall asleep and lack of sleep

- Exposure to polluted and/or noisy environments

- Living in extremely warm/cold/humid environment.

Stressors by a Certain Event/s

- Taking exams or licensure, re-taking licensure exams

- Personal injury, illness or hospitalization, accidents

- Death of close family member, death of close friend

- Divorce, marital separation, parents separated, marital reconciliation, failed relationships, family member leaving home

- Change of health of a family member

- Pregnancy, gain of new family member, trouble with in laws or spouse / sibling

- Change in financial situation, a large mortgage or loan, business readjustment

- Changes in responsibilities at work, work hours and conditions, fired at work

- Change in living conditions

- Change in residence, social activities and recreation

- Change in sleeping and eating habits and revision of personal habits. ( Overeating, excessive drinking of alcohol, use of medications and drugs.

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