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Spiritual house cleansing

Is Spiritual House Cleansing for you?

Spiritual House Cleansing is where a house, building or property is remotely and physically visited to be assessed in 1-2 days (or more) depending on the property's condition. An assessment is done in the property's premises and an initial report is given and options for the concern based on the report is communicated. A property cleansing is usually done secondary to an initial assessment, and the visit includes but not limited to: initial report of assessment, blessing for abundance, neutralizing negative energies and intuitive counselling or coaching of residents.

Questions to ask to know if you need Spiritual House Cleansing

1. Do you or a family member feel unseen presence in your home or in a particular location of the house and bothered by it? ( bedroom, basement, storage room, )

2. Do you have 3- more residents living in an apartment or house that are dealing with issues ( chronic depression, unhealthy habits, constant drama)

3. Are there continuous minor or major sickness that can't be explained despite medical consultation?

4. General feelings of uneasiness inside the home due to life events ( divorce, separation, loss of job, sickness, depression etc.)

5. Do you have re-occuring nightmares?

6. Do you want to know more about the property you live in to have a clearer picture of the situation?

7. Do you have unusual activity in the house that cannot be explained?

8. Are you planning to buy, sell or build a house in a vacant lot and want it assessed and cleansed?

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